Greetings!  Welcome to our website!

I grew up in a Pentecostal church where hell was hot and the Bible was not to be questioned.  I struggled with faith and eventually left church, only to wander back as an adult looking for a faith community for myself and young family.  We happened to live across the street from a Methodist church at the time, and decided to start there until we could find a church home that would fit a former Pentecostal and a former Catholic. Turns out, it was the United Methodist Church!

It was there I came to know God’s love, grace and fullness of life in ways I had never known before.  There, I learned that we can question the Bible, and call upon experience, reason and tradition to interpret and live by it in today’s changing world.  I learned that Jesus shows us the heart and grace of God, and teaches us how to open ourselves to and live God’s abundant life – not just after we die, but here and now.

John Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism, emphasized both inward and outward spiritual growth and transformation.  Faith grows within us as we grow into the likeness of Christ, and faith is then lived out in service and mission for the transformation of the world.  It’s not just about me.  It’s about us.  All of us.  Jesus taught that also.

I believe a church should be a community where we find a welcoming and nurturing place to belong as we study and practice the example and teachings of Christ, and commit ourselves to growing and living as his followers in the world that God so loves. Not one of us is there yet, but together we’re on the Way.

If you are searching for a church like this, come and see if we’re the place for you.  If you were once here and left, please consider coming back and trying again.  God never closes the door, and we won’t either.

Blessings for the journey,

Pastor Dalene